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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why do you work in schools?
Schools offer many opportunities to develop skills and abilities for children including social interactions, learning, motor skills – fine and gross, participation, emotional management and so on. Children also spend a great deal of time in this environment and interface with a diverse range or personalities amongst their peers and their teachers.

We do need to have the school’s agreement to see children in this space and we endeavour to work closely with schools to minimise disruption as well as contribute to their outcomes.

2. Do you see kids elsewhere, like at home?
Yes, we will see children in their home space where there is a benefit to do this that cannot be achieved at their school. However, this requires some additional preparation cost to meet our Work Health Safety guidelines and may increase costs associated with travel. One of the child’s guardians must also be present (close by) during the session.

One of the benefits for school visits is that where possible several children are seen at the school in the same day so that travel costs can be shared.

3. Do you have an office that we can bring our kids to?
No, not at this time. Our office is only for our administration functions. Our Therapy is mobile based and our preferred service area is based on a maximum 45minutes travel time. We believe that by undertaking most of our therapy sessions at the child’s school we will provide better support for families in regard to managing their time (and minimising their stress) to obtain this type of service.
4. What area do you service?
We base our service in the Tweed Shire south from Chinderah to Ocean Shores in Byron Shire, west to Kyogle and south along the Nimbin road corridor to Coffee Camp. Check out our Service Area Page.
5. What times are you available?
Generally we are available in the same time frames that schools operate. We can make arrangements during school holidays if needed. We also prefer to structure our appointments to minimise travel by asking families in the same area to agree to sessions on the same day. This helps to minimise travel costs for each family.

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